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  Ibanez 代言人

幻日吉他手 Zeist,於2001年組成幻日樂團,至今2014年,曾發過四張作品(兩張專輯,兩張EP,三張合輯)。曾擔任閃靈吉他手Jesse,貝斯手Doris兩人技師。

曾多次擔任Formoz野台開唱、Spring Scream春天吶喊,Megaport大港舞台總監以及執行策劃,舉辦Ultimate Metal Festival。
Anthelion's guitarist Zeist has been part of the band's line-up since 2001, and has had eight releases (two albums, two EPs, and three compilations). 
He has served as technician for both Jesse (guitarist) and Doris (bassist) of Chthonic, and has repeatedly worked at Formoz Festival, Spring Scream, and Megaport Festival as a stage director, as well as being involved in the planning, organisation and implementation of Ultimate Metal Festival.
Anthelion are a Taiwanese metal band, known for extracting and combining the darkness and the brightness of many themes in dramatic ways. As well as having the impact of traditional heavy metal, their music unites sadly beautiful piano melodies with magnificent orchestrational elements. 
The current members are Code (vocals), Zeist (guitar), Troy (drums) and Siniz (bass).
錄音室專輯 Studio albums 
Bloodshed Rebefallen  (2007)
Obsidian Plume    (2014)
Bloodstained Anthelion  (2004)
Mañjusaka    (2010)
Compilation albums     
Ultimate Metal, Vol.1 (2008)
Resurrection of the Gods,  Vol. 8   (2013)


2014/10 - 

2014/11 China Tour (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Wuhan, 

Changsha, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Dongguan) 

2014/10 Special guest appearance at Nocturne Moonrise’s album launch 

2014/08 Ili’s Special Birthday Production (Taipei, Kaohsiung) 

2014/07 Wake Up Festival 

2014/07 Obsidian Plume Taiwan tour 

2014/06 Obsidian Plume album debut 

2014/05 China Tour (Midi Festival, W.O.A. METAL BATTLE, Beijing, Shanghai) 

2014/04 The Black Dahlia Murder Taiwan tour 

2013/11        THE WALL Concert 

2013/10 China Tour (Midi Festival, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou) 

2013/08 Appearance at Formoz Festival 

2011/06 China Tour (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Wuhan) 

2011/04 Appearance at Spring Scream 

2010/10 Rock In Taichung Festival 

2010/08 Mañjusaka (EP) release 

2008/12 Appearance at Ultimate Metal Festival 

2007/11        Asia Tour 

2007/10 Appearance at Megaport Festival 

2007/07 Appearance at Formoz Festival 

2007/07 Bloodshed Rebefallen album debut 

2007/06 Bloodshed Rebefallen in production at Studio Fredman 

2005/11 Appearance at Invali Fest (with Chthonic, Zombie Ritual, Grim Force) 

2005/07 Appearance at Formoz Festival 

2005/06 Taiwan Tour (new song debut) 

2005/04 Appearance at Spring Scream 

2005/03 Taiwan Tour 

2004/10 Tour with Chthonic 

2004/07 Appearance at Formoz Festival 

2004/04 Appearance at Spring Scream 

2004/03 Bloodstained Anthelion (EP) release 

2004/01 Managerial contract signed with Ultimate Music 

2003/12 Appearance at Metal Immortal VI 

2003/07 Appearance at Formoz Festival 

2003/04 Appearance at Spring Scream 

2002/11 Special guest appearance at Chthonic’s concert 

2002/10 Appearance at Metal Immortal V (with Dark Funeral) 

2002/09 Appearance at Formoz Festival 

2002/03 Demo release 

2001/09 Anthelion formed by Code, Zeist, and Troy