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Ibanez 代言人

羅尹均(英文名:Yin-Chun Lo),回聲樂團吉他手,曾獲第22屆金曲獎《最佳樂團》提名肯定,曾受邀至美國SXSW音樂祭、紐約CMJ音樂節、英國利物浦音樂節等音樂祭,及國內各大音樂祭及Live House表演。演出經驗豐富。從事吉他教學、電影及廣告配樂編曲等工作。



2011年發行第三張專輯《處女空氣》獲得金曲獎最佳樂團提名,2012年前往美國SXSW音樂祭、紐約CMJ音樂節、2013年受邀英國利物浦《Sound City Festival》演出,贏得國際媒體一致好評。

回聲樂團在台灣創作樂團中佔有一席之地,2013年其影響力更觸及對岸,全新單曲〈時髦〉隨著電影《小時代》的大賣掀起熱潮,QQ音樂雙週點播300萬次,萬人轉發熱烈分享,以及優酷網本週最熱話題TOP 10;加上〈時髦〉的「見證大團」電視節目live版本播出1個月點播破百萬,對岸媒體更以「台灣騷青文化的代表」來形容回聲樂團。

Being an endorser of Ibanez, Yin-Chun Lo plays the guitar in rock band 'ECHO' in Taiwan. ECHO has been nominated of the best rock band in the twenty- second Golden Melody Award in Taiwan. Since he joined ECHO, he and the other members have been invited to play in SXSW, CMJ and Liverpool Sound City Festival abroad as well as in different rock music festivals and live house in Taiwan. Beside his performance, he spent time in guitar instruction and composing movie and advertisement background music.

 Based on the charming style of Rock music and the language of the Romantic poets, ECHO has created songs with unique musical style and charming masculine characters, and all these factors are fully expressed through the performance on stage.

 ECHO has published three albums, including the first album called 'The Sensual Drive'. It also has been invited to play in different music festivals all over the world. It is acknowledged by media as one of the most important rock bands in Taiwan, and it has created excellent and unique music.

 In 2011 ECHO published its third album called 'Virgin Air', which received the nomination for the best rock bands in Golden Song Award in the following year. In 2012 it was invited to play in SXSW and CMJ musical festivals in the US, followed by the invitation to play in Sound City Festival in Liverpool, England. Its great performance has drawn applause in international media.



ECHO is one of the leading bands that have much influence in musical composition in Taiwan. In 2013 its influence even extended to China. Its song 'Shi-Mao' was used in the movie 'Tiny Times', which is very popular in China and the song has been listened three million times in QQ music station. Over ten thousand readers have sent their shares to others. And it is the top 10 popular topics in YOUKU website. With the popularity of the song 'Shi-Mao' and the introduction in the live TV show 'Witness Great Bands', which has been watched by one million people in China in one month, ECHO is described as 'the symbol of young generation in Taiwan'.




〈 2011年〉


處女空氣 巡演【迎接春天的呼吸】演唱會(台北. Legacy)

香港 呼叫音樂節

台灣.台北 PUMA 向經典致敬演唱會

台灣.高雄 大彩虹音樂節

美國.紐約 CMJ音樂節

台灣.台中 搖滾台中音樂節

台灣.台北 夢想音樂節



台灣 【今夜的秘密集會】 Acoustic巡演台北.台中.台南.高雄

台灣.高雄 PUMA 螢光夜跑

台灣.台北 一日搖滾音樂節


台灣.苗北 苗北夏日戶外音樂節

台灣.新北市 新北市動漫節

台灣.台中 搖滾台中音樂節


台灣.高雄 大彩虹音樂節

台灣.台北 簡單生活節



英國. 利物浦 Sound City 音樂節

中國大陸. 參與電影「小時代」片尾曲製作、吉他錄音

台灣.台中 搖滾台中音樂節




2011 SXSW musical festivals @State of Texas, USA

2011 Album 'Virgin Air' tour @Legacy, Taipei

2011 Taiwan Calling Music Festival @Hong Kong

2011 PUMA UNCOVERED tour @Taipei, Taiwan

2011 Rainbow Bay festival @Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2011 CMJ musical festivals @New York ,USA

2011 RockIn Taichung Music Festival @Taichung, Taiwan

2011 Dreaming Music Festival @Taipei, Taiwan


2012 Secret Party Tonight Acoustic Live tour @Taipei Taichung Tainan Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2012 PUMA Ignite Taiwan @Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2012 A Rockable Day Music Festival @Taipei, Taiwan


2012 New Taipei City Anime Festival @New Taipei City, Taiwan

2012 RockIn Taichung Music Festival @Taichung, Taiwan

2012 Taiwan Calling Music Festival @Hong Kong

2012 Rainbow Bay festival @Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2012 Simple Life Festival @Taipei, Taiwan


2013 Liverpool Sound City Festival @Liverpool, England

2013 Movie 'Tiny Times' Ending theme song

2013 RockIn Taichung Music Festival @Taichung, Taiwan

2013 Taiwan Calling Music Festival @Hong Kong


2014 Album Release「獻給生命中的純粹」